How to increase dopamine in the brain

How to increase dopamine in the brain

How to increase dopamine in the brain

What is dopamine?


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It controls the pleasure of the brain bringing happiness joy emotion responses. Dopamine levels can fall due to poor nutrition and lack of sleep stress in a depression mood swings cravings drugs and more. If you’re struggling with depression you will want to increase dopamine levels.


How to increase your dopamine levels naturally:


  1. Exercise

Exercise helps relieve stress increase productivity and increase dopamine levels. So keep your body active.


  1. Music

listen to music you love help you in a good mood. Music has therapy and can increase your dopamine levels temporarily choir listening to it.


  1. Be creative

Being creative is a way to naturally increase your dopamine levels. It helps you feel good achieve goals and be inspired. When artists become focused and start getting a flow dopamine is a brain chemical that allows a person to achieve a flow state so being creative and in this sense of productivity can help.


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