What does it take to jump start a healthier lifestyle.

What does it take to jump start a healthier lifestyle.

The Self Challenge
By Libby Campo

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.01.01 PMThe definition of healthier differs from person to
person. Typically leaning in the direction of becoming
healthier includes meal plans, physical activity and
community. Regardless of what your plan consists of, it is just that a plan until you finally commit to a better
healthier you. A healthier you isn’t a slimier, firmer,
physically more attractive you, but a you that balances
life by committing to self with resilience and patience.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on a low-cholesterol, lowcarbs, Atkins or Sonoma diet. It doesn’t matter if you do cross- fit, yoga, bootcamp, or run and join groups to help motivate you. It would all be a great failed attempt once again without you committing to a lifestyle change.

I struggled with this time and time again. I have put much thought into a healthier me
and just couldn’t figure out why it was so damn hard. I loved yoga but could only find
the time to practice right before I would burst with the frustration of not having
enough time to enjoy the life I was living, and instead was living a cycle of eating out
cause I didn’t have time to cook at home, worried about meeting work deadlines, and
concerned about how well I was supporting and caring for everyone else except for
There were a number of attempts in the past to
incorporate yoga into my daily life. I failed at being
consistent, therefore I needed to make a commitment to
balancing my life and practicing a daily routine
consistently. I gave the excuse of being to busy, too
many times. I didn’t have the time, my husband, kids and
I had a lot going on. I don’t know if you know but itScreen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.01.08 PM
takes a lot to arrange a regular time to take a break, calm
your mind, breath and practice yoga. Laughing out loud,
what a crock. There is rarely a perfect time to do almost
anything, excluding the fact that being healthier and practicing yoga everyday does not
always require leaving the home or pulling out your mat or workout equipment. It is
funny how easy it is to make an excuse not to do the things that are most beneficial to
Can you measure up to the Self Challenge? It is essential to take care of one self, first.
It is basic common sense especially in emergency situations. Like, we are advised in
flight safety manuals, “secure your oxygen mask and breath normally before assisting
anyone else requiring assistance.” I know the importance of yoga and recently made it
my emergency situation.
What is your emergency situation? Are you stressed and over worked? Are your jeans
fitting tighter around your waist line? What is it that you have discovered is making
you unhappy on a regular basis. To become healthier you have to create a plan to
change your lifestyle and put it into action. First, begin considering what areas of your
life could use some improvement. Create a list and begin prioritizing from most to
least important regarding any health concerns. Second, take the most important
concern and create a 30 day challenge, incorporating it into your daily routine. Consult
a doctor or specialist if it is required. The 30 day
challenge is to help you form a habit, it takes 21 days
to create a habit and the additional 9 days are a
bonus. Don’t go into the challenge with an end inScreen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.01.17 PM
mind, instead look at it as your start to change. After
the 30 days you should continue your routine and begin
incorporating the other factors that you have decided
are needed to become healthier. Your new routine
should be a living practice, don’t get hung-up on your
progress, where you were before and where you want to
be but instead challenge yourself to be present.
Understand you need to be flexible and able to bounce
back from any set backs, you’re not a failure… things
just happen, its life. In your challenge do not expect for
your results to be grand or for others to jump aboard
but practice just being. The Self Challenge requires your
commitment to eat healthier foods, be conscious of your meal portions, incorporate
some form of physical activity even if its just taking the stairs at work instead of
jumping on the elevator, if you find yourself falling don’t be hard on yourself and
acknowledge what caused you to lose track and get right back on. Lastly breath, take
your time it is not a race it is life be patient, be present and enjoy your progression.
A great teacher leads by example you will notice your healthier practices affecting
others. When I committed to my yoga practice and made time for the betterment of
myself I surprisedly witnessed my growth spreading into lives of others. Being
healthier is not only about one individual’s interpretation or personal journey; it is
also about being knowledgeable, mindful, dedicated, kind, disciplined and open as a
whole and when the opportunity presents itself aid someone else to find their own
path. Take “The Self Challenge” and pass it on.


By Libby Campo