Why You Should Have Fruit Early in the Day


Why You Should Have Fruit

Early in the Day

Fruit has powerful antioxidants that promote healthy skin, fight wrinkles and even protect you from cancer and diseases. Fruits are also high in fiber and water, keeping you hydrated and feeling full—two key components to staying lean! So whether you love kiwi, peaches or apples, I recommend adding fruit to your favorite recipes and having one piece of fruit at least once a day before Meal 4. Why early? Two reasons: First, fruit gives you the quick energy you need to power through your day. Second, fruits consumed later in the day may sit on top of your other meals and ferment without being digested—which means you won’t receive the same benefits that you would if you had them earlier. It’s okay to create delicious salsas for dinner, sprinkle over salads or chop up for dessert, but just keep it to a minimum. Also, keep in mind that when I say fruit, we mean real raw fruit… not any item containing fruit or fruit flavored ingredients. Fresh, whole fruit is best.


Ways to Have Fruit:


It can be high in sugar though, so limit yourself to a small handful per day.
Try combining them with nuts and seeds to balance the sugar to fat and protein ratio.
Making smoothies and juices at home is fun! I prefer whole fruit to receive fiber, but a fresh juice once in a while is fabulous!
Frozen fruit can be a convenient for smoothies. Look for organic options at the grocery store. I like to pre-cut and freeze foods every week for creamy smoothies.

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