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Ace group fitness program, is a great program for instructors and health professionals get credentials, and learn health terms and topics. I followed there group fitness program, because it is known as one of the best. Going  through some old documents I came across notes on health terms and what exactly they mean so I thought I would share them. If you are studying for ACE or just love to have a true understanding of health this can be useful:


Arteries – blood circulates route through heart into arteries (carries oxygen rich blood away from heart)


Veins – blood travels back to heart (returns oxygen poor blood to heart)


Capillaries – site for gas, nutrient, waste exchange between blood and tissues


Plasma – carries hormones, carbs, gases, food materials, etc


Atria – blood movement within the heart


Pulmonary circuit of the heart – Blood is pushed in the lungs where it releases carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen


Cardiac cycle– period of on heartbeat to next


Respiratory – air passes through pharynx, then larynx, through trachea, through primary bronchi, to secondary bronchi, to bronchioles, through alveoli, and gas exchanges in lungs.


Lymphatic system – return excess fluid between cells back to bloodstream – drain bacteria and excessive tissue fluid


Cardiovascular system – distributes oxygen & nutrients to cells, maintain acid base balance, caries carbon dioxin & metabolic waste from cells, regulates body temperature


Digestive system – small intestines is where food is absorbed 3 parts of small intestine 1. Duodenum, 2. Jejunum, 3. Ileum. Chyme – liquid form of food – chyme is exposed to bile from liver & gall bladder & pancreatic enzymes. Kidney – urinary system eliminates urea, uric acid, creatine, and electrolytes.


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