Food to put on your eyes for treatment

Food to put on your eyes for treatment

Cucumbers are known to take away puffiness and apply moisture and nutrients to your eyes. But here are some other food choices you can choose from:


Paypaya contains enzymes and is a natural exfoliant to the eye. Place them on your eyes for nutrients to the eye.

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2. Avocado
Avocado provides moisture and hydration.


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3. Banana
Banana’s are high in potassium which can boost your eye color and take away dark circles


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Watermelon is high in vitamin A & C, which helps with dryness, redness, and puffiness.

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Iceburg Lettuce
Have inflammation or redness? Apply iceburg lettuce to the eyelids

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Work on applying these 5-10 minutes a day as you wake up or head to bed. Give your body the nutrients it needs to heal. These are great for if your eyes are dry, red, or stressed.


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