What happens when you drink Coca-Cola

What happens when you drink Coca-Cola ?

What happens when you drink Coca-Cola

It amazes me how many people still put Coca-Cola or other sodas in their body. 1.9 billion bottles of Coca-Cola are consumed worldwide every day.

Coca-Cola contains a high amount of corn syrup making it one of the highest calorie sources in the American diet. This is made in addiction.

What happens when you drink Coca-Cola or any soda:

Just one drink contains 100% of your daily recommended sugar intake. Think of all that sugar hitting your body within 10 minutes. With such a high amount of fructose hitting the liver out once your body converts it into fact. This is been one of the main problems behind obesity and cancer. Then there is caffeine. A Coca-Cola has 32 mg a Diet Coke is worse with 42 mg.

Soto reacts in a similar way to heroin. It increases your dopamine levels which gives you a good stimulation failing. It also affects your body’s calcium levels which affects your bones.

Then at the end of it is the sugar crash, feeling irritable sluggish and tired. But then you probably have another Coca-Cola because of the addiction factor of the chemicals they put in it.

What happens when you drink Coca-Cola

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