13 Steps to slimming down

13 steps to slimming down13 Steps to slimming down


  1. Stay hydrated work your way up to a gallon a day, a little bit

all throughout the day.. Tip: carry it with you or add fruit with it make some herbal teas to help.



  1. If you eat dairy, cut dairy products completely out of your

diet to reduce any chances of bloating. Try dairy-free yogurts and milks such as cocunut, almond, or hazel milk.


  1. Work out Daily. Feel good and strong with strength training and lean with cardio. Heres some workouts.



  1. Do a full body workout routine where you work every

single muscle in your body! This uses all the glycogen

(sugar/carbohydrates) stored away in your muscle tissue.

To be tight and lean  you will want to deplete it.


  1. Eat 5-6 small meals per day consisting of mostly vegetables

and raw food. Meals should be every 2-3 hours.


  1. For the last two days. eat 1-2 cups asparagus with your

dinner. Asparagus is a natural diuretic, taking excess water

out of your skin.



  1. Do your best to have your last meal 2 hours before you go

to sleep.


  1. No added salt to your food. Watch your food labels. Steer

away from anything that contains a lot of sodium. We don’t

want you to worry about this, so just stick to non-packaged

food for the last couple days. Sodium retains water and can cause bloating


  1. Do two, 30 minute cardio sessions per day.If your energy

levels are low, make it a light session or walk and listen to

your body. Save your intense session for the afternoon.



  1. On top of your 70 ounces of water, drink 2 cups of

unsweetened Green Tea – it speeds up metabolism per day.

You may add a half of a lemon squeeze – a natural detoxifier and to stay alkaline.


11. Cut out starchy carbs. Receive your carbohydrates from

fruits and vegetables! This is important so your body taps

into your fat stores. Carbs aren’t bad, this is just temporary.


12.Have good posture. Stand tall with your heart forward and shoulders back! Work

on correcting your posture with core exercises. Exercise

the muscles in your lower back, lower abdominal muscles,

upper back and stretch your chest out.


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