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    Balance Hormones, Thyroid, Menopause



    • Melt away the most dangerous and stubborn fat called VISCERAL fat, to tone your stomach by burning BOTH internal and outside fat (the fat you can pinch) on your belly!
    • Stunt Inflammation & Insulin Resistance making your skin more tight, reducing bloat, improving carbohydrate metabolism, hormones & energy levels!
    • Reduce excess water retention: making your stomach and whole body visibly leaner in just 48 HOURS!
    • Toned and tight stomach: not only are we going to melt the fat away by controlling your hormones & boost fat burning hormones by 1200%, we are also going to get your stomach firm, tight and strong with my 5 MINUTE ab blasting routines!

    #1 – Exclusive 48 Hour Kick Start Fat Burning Plan!

    Never seen before by the public, this advanced scientific 48 hour protocol is going to give you NOTICEABLE results in just 48 hours. It’s going to de-bloat you, clear out excess water, inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity (so you can eat more carbs), flatten your stomach, DOUBLE YOUR MOTIVATION, make you feel healthier and get your plan off to the very best possible start!But that’s not all… using my advanced coaching videos and 5 MINUTE Ab Blasts you are going to also BOOST FAT BURNING HORMONES BY 1200%. Yes, that’s correct; you are going to boost your fat burning hormones by 12x the normal level – backed by scientific evidence from multiple universities and human performance labs across the world.

    #2 – FAT MELTING Recipes that are EASY, VARIED & FUN!

    These exclusive meal plans have been loved by hundreds of my personal elite coaching clients across the world and now I’m handing over the secret stash right to you! You won’t see boring chicken and rice meals that make you hate your diet, re-bound, binge eat and quit (don’t worry, I see this every day!).Instead, you will get EASY, FUN recipes specifically designed to melt belly fat, including protein pizza, peanut butter protein bars, chocolate toffee ice cream, pasta and much more! – That’s right; those are the exact recipes you can be consuming with this VIP upgrade!

    #3 – 48 HOUR Head Turning Results Guaranteed!

    I mean it; I’ve used this exact system with personal elite clients for years and seen the head turning changes in just 48 hours. I’m handing the play book over to you and I’m 100% confident that you’ll love these recipes, the flat ab workouts and see the amazing results starting from just 48 hours – Results Guaranteed!

    Never Seen Before: My Private 48 Hour Kickstart Protocol

    This is a secret weapon I was really reluctant to even share. Why? Well, it’s that effective that people won’t believe it, plus, I know a lot of people wouldn’t even believe the crazy results they could get in just 48 hours.This kickstart protocol is exactly what I use when I just have a few days before a big event, photoshoot or trip to the beach. It’s the VERY SAME protocol I’ve even used with Hollywood movie stars I’m 99% sure you’ve watched on the big screen or in a movie theater.Now for the VERY FIRST TIME, you can get your hands on it and keep it in your back pocket for that emergency wedding, night out in that skinny black dress or last minute trip to the beach / pool!

    VIP Content #2 (Value $69)

    Estrogen Balancing Protocol

    Estrogen is the master hormone with imbalances being a serious but extremely common issue in today’s society (even men struggle with estrogen imbalances these days!). Here’s the NATURAL solution…If you have more of a pear shaped body and store stubborn fat on the legs, hips and stomach, or suffer from estrogen prominent symptoms / menopause symptoms, then this guide is going to be a game-changer for you, balancing your hormones which can have a beneficial impact on your physique, energy and overall quality of life! Using only advanced and scientifically backed natural methods, my Estrogen balancing protocol can be immediately applied into your routine with ease.

    VIP Content #3 (Value $69)

    Thyroid Kickstart Protocol

    Find it impossible to lose weight or keep it off? Chances are your thyroid is out – especially if you’ve done more than 1 diet within a 12 month period!! Your THYROID hormone controls your METABOLISM. So if you ever hear anyone talk about your metabolism, it’s mainly about your THYROID. In fact, over 100 million people worldwide suffer with thyroid issues, this can lead to the inability to lose fat, cause extra weight gain, muscle weakness, fatigue and other health risks! From experience, women with thyroid issues often store excess fat on the hips and lower abs while having a hard time losing weight, even when on a low calorie diet such as 1200 or 1500 a day! I’ve seen this hundreds of times and I can tell you now, NOTHING will work until you FIX YOUR THYROID!My thyroid kick start protocol is going to help reboot your thyroid and metabolism to where they were when you were 20, making weight loss much easier and weight maintenance actually POSSIBLE!

    VIP Content #4 (Value $99)

    5 Minute Fat Burning Smoothies

    These 5 MINUTE fat burning smoothies are going to give you a power house of nutrients for your health, balance your hormones and contain powerful and natural herbs / spices that can help touch belly fat, boost your metabolism, control insulin and carbohydrates all while AIDING your health!An integral part of the first 48 hour blast, these smoothies are also going to help clean out your digestive system, improve gut health and help you drop excess water weight so you can feel like a completely new person… all within 48 hours!

    VIP Content #5 (Value $99)

    High Protein, Fat Melting Breakfasts, Lunch, Dinners & Desserts

    At home or at a gym, your choice just 5 minutes of actual exercise, you will see EXACTLY how to get a lean and firm stomach / core while also shredding stubborn fat that has been impossible to budge before!

    • Ab Exercises
    • HIIT Routines
    • FAST & EFFECTIVE so you can start seeing results immediately!

    VIP Content #6 (Value $149)

    Never Seen Before:  5 MINUTE Flat Abs & HIIT WORKOUTS

    These 4 fat melting recipe books contain the best tasting and most effective recipes specifically designed by me to balance your hormones and accelerate fat loss by controlling insulin levels then simultaneously increasing powerful fat burning hormones!

    Apart from accelerating your results, the best part is these recipes taste fantastic so you enjoy every single meal and eliminate cravings or the need to binge eat – a major reason you’ve probably failed your past diets!

    It has the exact calorie level of each meal and macro level of your carb, fat, and protein.

    VIP Content #7 (Value $250)

    A 1-1 Consultation With Me!

    I want to make sure you are off to the best possible start, that’s why I make myself accessible to you every step of the way. Included in this you will get access to my support desk to email me with initial questions and then join the PRIVATE Facebook group for daily support from myself, follow-up questions and support from other females around the world!