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Tips when eating in social situations:

Key to eating healthy in social environments is to plan ahead. Bring what you need. You are going to face peer pressure its part of the process. Just let them know why you are making other choices and if they continue to peer pressure you or give negative energy minimize

No Diet is Right: Bio-individuality/ Ancestry/ Blood Type

Bio-individuality Different diets are sweeping the world, going in and out. There’s low fat, high protein, low carbs, and more. Each diet will claim in works with the testimonials showing it does for some. However, we are too individualistic to eat the same food. Not one diet is right for

Metabolism & Ways to Boost it

Metabolism is the rate which you convert food into energy. Knowing your metabolic rate can help with knowing how much food your digestive system can process. Based off of your own metabolic rate you can convert food to energy quickly or it can store it for extra calories as fat

Cravings and what they mean

Craving foods isn’t the same as hunger. So if your craving something, that doesn’t always mean your hungry but it is a sign your body is in need of something and it’s communicating with you, so listen closely. Hunger is controlled by the stomach and is a survival mechanism. The

How to stay Motivated to your health goal

A life transformation begins with one person that is you. Everything that is happening around you is a reflection of what is going on within you. Being aware of what is happening around and knowing it is also affecting you so surround yourself with what you want to achieve. If

How Food effects your mood

During the day take time to think about how you feel. People do not acknowledge the connection between food and mood. Food does change your state of mind. For example processed foods lack nutritional value they can put people in a bad mood. When you’re eating chemical, artificial junk food

Portion control

The rise in obesity rates correlates to the increase in portion sizes. I find this at most restaurants when I eat out. Studies have shown those that are served more at restaurants have a tendency to eat more on their own. You now hear of supersize meals as a normal

Foods to try to have on a daily bases

Vegetables – The USDA recommends having 2 ½ cups of vegetables a day. When you have vegetables throughout your day it’s key to get a variety of vegetables in. Dark green vegetables are full of clorophyll which is helps cleanse and provide energy and also you want to get colorful

Forgive Yourself

Throughout your journey there are going to be hardships, forgive your self and continue on. Life doesn’t stop, and either does your actions to reach your health goal. Everyone fails at things in life, were human. The key is to figure out why you failed, how to prevent it, forgive

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